Mr. Carr Goes to India

indiaWhat an exciting month.  Not only is Thanksgiving a few days away, which means that I got to spend the entire day cleaning house, but it is almost exactly one month until I will be teaching in India.

I have been blessed with an opportunity to travel to Navi Mumbai and Heyderbad India to visit with the Waldorf community there.  I’ll be training three professional development workshops a day (Music through the grades, Teaching Art through the grades, and Theater Games/Dramatic Play) for a wonderful conference on Humanizing Education.

Stay tuned for more posts as I prepare this interesting curriculum to share with the world.  There will be teachers from traditional and Waldorf schools from across India, Malaysia, China and other parts of Asia there.  What an experience this will be!

So, for the comments:  Have you been to India?  What was it like?  Also, do you have any good tips for travel and jet-lag?  I’m looking at a 12.5 hour change!


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