A Simple Team-Building Activity


Try this one! Here’s a very simple, yet deceptively difficult activity that requires give and take from everyone to be successful.

The material: nothing!

The strategy:
1: Sanding in a circle, have students put one hand in (choose left or right). Walk slowly together until fingertips are creating a circle.
2: Link thumb-to-pinky finger around the ring until everyone’s hand is chained together. This requires everyone to shift in and out. Don’t tell them how…let the discomfort in their hands teach them that.
3: Move the ring. I begin by taking it to eye-level, then back to center. Then to waist-level and back to center. Each height requires a slight shift of their positions in and out.
4: Don’t forget to change hands.
5: Take it down until the ring is on the floor. This requires a deceptive amount of teamwork!
6: Try other movements like walking in a circle, walking the circle around the classroom, etc.

Enjoy! I would really love to hear how it goes for you. My seventh graders grumble in a “it’s working” way.

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