Art Project: paint under your desks!


The Sistine Chapel is a marvel of the renaissance. Sure, Michelangelo didn’t paint the whole thing laying on his back like Charlton Heston did in the movie, but it sure makes for an awesome activity!


1. Paints. We used water soluble oil paints. Anything would do.
2. Print outs of pieces of the Sistine chapel.
3. Painting paper. We used watercolor paper like always.

Hand out a picture for the children to try to duplicate. Tape the watercolor to the underside of the desk, lay on the floor, turn your Pandora station to a nice classical selection, and have some quiet time! We took 45 minutes and turned out some beautiful artwork.

Mostly, the students are gaining a really sound emotional connection to Michelangelo and Renaissance artwork. Maybe they won’t remember what date the chapel was finished in, but they’ll remember this lesson, for sure!

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