The Michaelic Quote: Support in a time of need

I’m sitting in a terminal on the way to fly across the country. My best friend needs me as he lays in a hospital, cancer devouring the last of his body.

My soul has found strength in the eternal truths of this quote by Rudolf Steiner. Enjoy.

“We must eradicate from the soul all fear and terror of what comes toward us out of the future. We must aquire serenity in all feelings and sensations about the future. We must look forward with absolute equanimity to all that may come, and we must think only that whatever comes is given to us by a world direction full of wisdom. This is what we have to learn in our times. To live out of pure trust in the ever present help of the spiritual world. Surely nothing else will do, if our courage is not to fail us. Let us properly discipline out will, and let us seek the inner awakening every morning and every evening.”

A note on the beautiful picture. It is not mine, and I don’t know who created it. I’m sorry if I offend by using it here.


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