Seventh Grade chalkboard drawing

Well, that’s all she wrote. Seventh-grade came and went, and was thoroughly amazing. It’s hard to believe my gaggle of youngsters are now in eighth grade.

To sum up the year, a common practice in Waldorf education is to come in the evening before and leave your boards covered in a drawing. This drawing should be a review of the year.

I like to make mine a little more abstract than others. This year I went way off the mark, but I am very happy with the final product. I chose about 15 iconic images from our blocks of seventh-gradegrade. I also threw in some other things that have been meaningful for the year. If you look closely you will see things such as Quetzalcoatl, Elizabeth the first, Martin Luther and even a werewolf.

What’s even more amazing is that when you use Crayola 3-D chalk glasses the whole image comes to life. Each image separate out from the other creating a 3-D view where the images are separated into layers. It was truly mind boggling, and my students loved it. I hope you’ll enjoy but I wish you could see it in 3-D.



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